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Office space
15 March 2012

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Rush hour
4 March 2012

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Multiple choice(s)
29 January 2012

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Where's Mama?
1 January 2012

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Barefoot Friday
5 December 2011

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And then she was five
3 December 2011

Recent Comments

peter.K on Office space
could almost be lost in space...

omid on Rush hour
very nice!

Stu on Where's Mama?

Stu on Multiple choice(s)
Nicely seen. You're certainly walking around with eyes open.

Stu on Beep-beep!
Love it. A light, and mind, bender.

Doug on Beep-beep!
Really well seen, this reflection make a terrific abstract, great shot

Curly on On an Overcast Night Under a Full Moon
Excellent landscape with a well filled foreground.

Curly on Multiple choice(s)
Well seen and captured, you need an eye for these ones.

Curly on Beep-beep!
This is a great shot, not sure if I'm looking up or looking down.

bahman parandin on The casting
well done.great shot with nice composition.

Calusarus on The casting
Very nice with these shadows and the contrast. Well seen

alex centrella on Multiple choice(s)
great catch..nice bnw.

DarkElf on On an Overcast Night Under a Full Moon
beautiful seascape! fine composition work with a great foreground leading in and a fantastic mood as well!

alex centrella on On an Overcast Night Under a Full Moon
nice shot ..!

bahman parandin on Where's Mama?
full of life.great colors....I also wish you a happy 2012

k@ on And then she was five
A real & cool entanglement here, hair & net with great colors around the cutie.

Doug on Reflections of Adelaide
Nice shot, quite a surreal image

Max on Barefoot Friday
I love this picture ... A great compo ... Graphically perfect !

karetnikov on And then she was five
Very nice portrait, full of movement and lively light. I specially like the chaotic pattern of lines (hair included) ...

Stu on Barefoot Friday
These E-3 images DO really POP don't they! Chuck us another tinnie bro!!

Stu on Reflections of Adelaide
This is a mind-bender. Love your sepia work bruvva.

Soheil on Barefoot Friday
great photo nice shot

Curly on Experimentation with bokeh at f8.0
Ah well the relationship between subject focus and background bokeh is tightly tied in with lens length as well as ...

Phil David Morris 2011 on And then she was five
Must have used flash, her face is lit to perfection. Beautiful !

LauraS on And then she was five
Fantastic point of view!

Doug on And then she was five
Nice PoV for this portrait. Hope she has a lovely Birthday

Ralf Kesper on And then she was five
Nice & cool kiddy portrait.

Jaytee on Ferraris patrol the footpath
Looks good.

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